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   How it works   


Our experienced staff will ensure that your precious objects are packed in the most secure manner possible. SSH Movers will coordinate the crate production and packing of any object and/or collection and also provide customized solutions for every collection.


Let our courteous team of experienced machinery movers assist in your next equipment relocation, from the planning stages to completion. We will provide the technicians and equipment to move, maintain, align and/or transport; from one machine to the entire facility. Every project is unique and presents its own challenges and in many cases this will require customized solutions where an on-site evaluation will help to determine the best planning strategies for the project.



With the international moving professionals at SSH Movers, Inc., you can expect reliability, efficiency, and quality customer service throughout the entire process of your move. We have designed specialized international solutions with an outstanding track record of success. Our unparalleled commitment to quality and service has come to represent the SSH Movers, Inc. international moving advantage.


Our movers are thoroughly trained in packing and moving. Even your most fragile items will be handled with care. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or an international move, our movers take complete care of your relocation.

    End-to-End Service   

As one of the top moving companies in Puerto Rico, we will assess individual and corporate customer needs by providing free estimates, moving consultations and packing materials. We also offer custom crating techniques tailored to protect and insure high risk and delicate movables. Our professional movers will take extra care with handling and transporting all of your belongings as if it were their own, including heavy and complicated items such as:  pianos, fine art, antiques, marble, glass, electronics and wine canvases.


SSH Movers Puerto Rico offices

    Packing & Unpacking    

You Pack Everything

- You pack up your home.

- We blanket wrap your furniture for transit.

- You can order supplies from us if you need them.

We Pack Some

- We customize a plan based on your needs.

- We pack as much or as little as you like.

- We blanket wrap your furniture for transit.

We Pack Everything

- We bring all the materials and pack for you.

- We blanket wrap your furniture for transit.

- You don’t have to lift a finger.

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You Unpack Everything

- We place every box in the right room.
- We place your furniture where you want it.
- You take your time unpacking & settling in.

We Unpack Some

- We place every box in the right room.
- We place your furniture where you want it.
- We unpack what you request and haul away the empty boxes.

We Unpack Everything

- We place your furniture right where you want it.
- We unpack each box and place items for you to put away.
- We haul away empty boxes after we’ve unpacked them.

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Presenter Packaging Tips

    Packing Tips   

  • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.

  • Clearly label all boxes on top and side.

  • Always stack dishes upwards when packing.

  • Remember: the heavier the item, the smaller the box.

  • Don’t use used boxes. You don't know if the box will be strong enough to support your possessions.

  • Use only small boxes for books. They get very heavy, very fast.

  • Try to pack all electronic equipment such as stereos in their original boxes. Otherwise, use bubble wrap when packing these items.

  • Don’t pack with food or supermarket boxes. You never know what little critter is hiding – or if the box will be strong enough to support your possessions.

  • Don’t use boxes without tops. No tops make it impossible to stack properly in the truck.

  • Always tape boxes. Don’t interlock the tops.

  • Never use printed newsprint to wrap fine china.

  • Start packing items you will not need ahead of time.

  • Always pack and unpack breakables over a padded surface.

  • Never use duct tape – use packing tape.

  • As you take apart furniture and other items make sure to tape all parts to the main base.

  • Pack important and sentimental documents separately to be easily accessible.

  • Use wardrobe boxes to make closets easier to pack. Clothes in drawers can be placed in suitcases.

 Contact Us 

SSH Movers Inc.
Local and International Moving

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Tel: (787) 794-4010

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